Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lack of Modern Historical Writing in India

Jawahar Lal Nehru giving Speech

When I go to any library I come across so many books on Ancient and Medieval Indian History but I hardly find any on the post modern period or on the post independent India. However this is not the case in any other subject specially in Political Science and Sociology. Even in Maths and Science we find latest and upto date books.It is only in History that there is sheer dearth in the writen material. There are scores of Historians in India but nobody is bothered to write about it. All of them write about Ancient or the Medieval India. There is no material available on the state wise History. There are so many states in India but none has bothered to write about their history. However we cannot straight away throw away the blame onto the historians. To some extent we the people of India are to be blamed.
Firstly, If someone writes about the events of the recent past there are so many who simply do not digest it. They are not able to come to the terms of the writing no matter how much pains the author might have taken in collecting the information before he reached to some conclusion.
Secondly, people consider themselves more superior than the writer. They draw their own conclusions which are simply based on hearsay.
Thirdly, Even the government is to be blamed who do not provide the information to the researchers even after 30 years of the incident.
          So the historians consider it better to wirte about the distant past for which they will get a lot of material easily and the people will also digest the information easily as they are not bothered about that.


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