Friday, October 17, 2008

'Real' Reporting

Whenever I read the news or see it on the television I always find a glaring difference in the reporting. Whenever a westerner dies he or she has a name, has a family, has dreams whereas when a Afghan or an Iraqi dies he has nothin. He only has a number. As if he never lived. Al the dead are easily declared terrorists. Nobody talks about the Germans killed in the allied bombings or the Japanese killed by the Americans or the Koreans or the Vietnamese who were killed by spraying poisoonous liquid. American generals very often boast of their killings in vietnam. Similar thing is done When reporting about the people killed by the serbians not by the non-serbians. Photos of the civilians killed by the suicide bombers are telecast again and again but hhundreds of people killed by the so called precision bombs of the NATO forces are not shown. Only numbers are told that too much less. But truth will always come up.


Free Music said...

well this is really sad thing